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NewsThe Porsche Macan Will Probably be Electric Only Starting in 2024

The Porsche Macan Will Probably be Electric Only Starting in 2024

Porsche will unveil an electric version of the Macan next year, but the gasoline version is expected to stay until 2024


  • Porsche will unveil a fully electric Macan next year

  • The electric version will not immediately replace the gasoline powered Macan

  • Porsche says it will probably stop production of the gas Macan in 2024

Porsche is supposed to introduce a fully electric version of its smallest, and most popular SUV next year, but rather than replacing the current gasoline powered model of the Macan, it will be sold alongside it for a few years at least.

According to the automaker, production of Macan models equipped with internal combustion engines could come to an end in or before 2024.

Porsche is citing legislation and emission requirements as limiting factors that guided its decision to make the next Macan fully electric.

This next generation of Macan will be built on the Premium Platform Electric architecture that will be shared with the A6 e-tron, since Audi and Porsche joined forced to conceive this platform.

The new electric Macan will use the same 800 volt battery pack that is found in the Taycan, thus it will also be able to charge at up to 270 kilowatts.

Interestingly, the company states that the Macan will have better range that the Taycan’s EPA rating of 227 miles (327 kilometers), even though it is likely to be heavier and less aero dynamic than the sports car.

Porsche had already revealed updates to the 2022 Macan, but this recent announcement means these are likely the last tweaks to the gas-powered SUV, which only saw one generation since its introduction in 2014.


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