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NewsThe Porsche Taycan Interior Revealed: Up To Five Displays To Play With

The Porsche Taycan Interior Revealed: Up To Five Displays To Play With

We’ve had a pretty good idea of the Porsche Taycan’s exterior styling for a while but this is the first time we see what the cabin will look like

Only a few days ago, I was in Georgia at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta where I was given the full tour of the new Porsche Taycan. While I cannot yet share most of the information, that will come on September 4th during the Taycan’s world premiere, we can talk about the car’s interior.

Designers and engineers had quite the job on their hands. As Porsche’s first all-electric car, the Porsche Taycan’s cabin needed to be special and unique, but not so much as to alienate current customers and fans. Like the new 992 Porsche 911, designers used the 1963 911’s dashboard as inspiration. They also looked to the Carrera GT for a few cues as well.

The guidelines established in 1963 dictate that the cockpit remain entirely driver focused, that the instrument panel (IP) or display sit at the highest point and that the driving position must low and sporty.

The dash-panel, upon first gaze, is minimalistic. In fact, Porsche refers to what they’ve done as “digital simplification.” From the second row, when the car is off, the only visual highlight is the “T” shape that incorporates twin horizontal lines and the rising console. The latter, which has found its way into all modern Porsche vehicles, was first introduced in the now legendary Carrera GT.

The spartan ultra-modern design is reminiscent of the latest 911, Panamera and others so the familial link is established. The departure in the Porsche Taycan comes from the fact that all means of interface are digital, with the exception of some controls on the steering wheel.

In fact, the new Porsche Taycan features up to five, yes five, screens with specific tasks or, for specific passengers.

Up to five displays

The first display to address is the 16.8-inch anti-reflective curved instrument cluster. The entire screen is configurable however each end features static integrated controls for chassis and lighting functions. There are four display modes to select from: Classic, Map, Full Map and Pure (similar to a “stealth mode”) which shows only basic driving information such as speed, traffic signs and navigation using a minimalist arrow. Ahead of the IP is one of two steering wheels; a toned-down one and a GT sport wheel as an option.

The main screen at the top of the center console is a 10.9-inch unit. Here is displayed all manners of infotainment, navigation, apps and more. On the left portion of the screen are three main fixed menus buttons which are at the ready no matter where we are in the system. They are Home, Car and Notifications. To the right of this display, in left-hand drive cars, can be setup an optional identical 10.9-inch screen for the passenger. With only a few exceptions such as vehicle configurations, the passenger can access navigation and audio menus. As a safety feature, this screen can only be activated when there is a passenger present.

On the console is an 8.4-inch touchscreen display with haptic feedback is where HVAC settings can be accessed. Part of the display also serves as a remote touchpad for those preferring to work the upper screen through a mouse-like experience.

The HVAC is novel and new in the Porsche Taycan. The airflow is now digitally and fully automatically (“Virtual Airflow Control”) controlled. Through the Climate menu, occupants can opt between “Focused” for fast, directional cooling and “Diffused” for draught-free air conditioning. Here, there’s no longer any need to fuss with vents.

Finally, the fifth display, a small 5.9-inch rear one, is part of the optional four-zone automatic climate control system (“Advanced Climate Control.”) It too provides haptic feedback controls for the rear passengers.

Along with all these displays, the Taycan will offer a a voice command function that will respond to “Hey Porsche” to access menus as you drive along.

Porsche refers to the interaction with the car not as “User Experience” but “Driver Experience” which is quite telling.

Numerous trim options

As with all Porsche products, the Taycan will be delivered with comfortable and sporty seats which will be replaceable by a pair of sport seat options.

As well, the Taycan will be available with a wide range of interior and exterior configurations. Porsche will offer various interior accent treatment options with highlights in wood, aluminium, matte carbon fibre and other material. There will be two types of leather on offer for the cabin but more interestingly, there will be a leather-free interior option. It will use “Race-Tex” material which is a high-quality microfibre material partially made from recycled polyester fibres.

One trim highlight is neodyme which is a colour combination inspired by the copper in the electric motors. There will be other colour options like Black-Lime Beige, Blackberry, Atacama Beige and Meranti Brown.

This is only the beginning

There is so much more to share about the new Porsche Taycan but unfortunately, we’ll need to wait until September 4th to share how powerful and fast the car is. It’ll be worth the wait, we promise.

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Porsche Taycan Interior
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