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News The Pravaig Extinction MK1 Electric Car Is Very Unique

The Pravaig Extinction MK1 Electric Car Is Very Unique

With the exception of hypercar EVs, the Pravaig Extinction MK1 is a rare electric coupe from India.

  • Pravaig is an Indian EV start-up company.

  • Some details of their Extinction MK1 Coupe have been shared.

  • The Extinction is expected to launch next year.

The company, its full name being Pravaig Dynamics, has released some details on its first car, the Extinction MK1. This new electric coupe will launch in India sometime next year.

The Extinction MK1 electric car is still in concept form as the vehicle presented in the images is a coupe. As per the story on, the final production version of the Extinction MK1 may very well be a sedan as Indian buyers typically opt for practicality over design.

Pravaig Extinction MK1 | Photo: Pravaig

The Extinction MK1 will be powered by a 150 kW (201 horsepower) electric motor that also produces 2,400 NM (1,770 lb.-ft.) of peak torque. The 0-100 km/h (0-96 mph) sprint is said to be covered in 5.4 seconds the top speed is electronically limited to 196 km/h (122 mph). The maximum range is 504 km, we assume based on the WLTP. An 80% charge can be achieved in 30 minutes.

Styling-wise, the Pravaig Extinction MK1 is extremely sleek and visually clean. The front fascia features a narrow slit in which we find the single projector-type headlights, and little more. The sloping roofline culminates into three slim LED taillights.

Pravaig Extinction MK1 | Photo: Pravaig

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  1. “Extinction” is a deliciously, perversely negative choice of name. “Extinction Rebellion” would hit the bullseye of course – obviously too many syllables – but it’d be good to know what persuaded Pravaig to choose the name.
    That aside – most long-time EV-watchers
    will be extremely surprised if this concept ever makes it to production. Most wishful-thinking EV enterprises fizzle and fade and disappear into the EV Abyss. James Dyson was the latest to fail miserably – so many have suffered the same fate before him over the past 20+ years…
    Paul G

  2. They’ve been around since 2011, and have real products on the road, unlike Nikola, Dyson, etc. who just raised/spent money without even a single working prototype.
    India might not be the flashiest, but there’s substance there.
    Their perseverance and ability to go on with almost nothing is stuff of legends, look at the Indian soldiers from WW2 onward, those are some of the stories in the west’s history books.


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