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NewsThe production of the Toyota bZ3 has begun

The production of the Toyota bZ3 has begun

  • Don’t expect the bZ3 to show up in North America anytime soon.

  • The base price of thie electric sedan is a little over $37,000 $ (in CDN dollars) or $27,400 (in US dollars).

  • The car is produced by the Chinese conglomerate FAW-Toyota.


With the changes happening at the top of Toyota’s chart, we can expect a flurry of new electric model introductions in the months and years to come. The bZ4X crossover is just the first piece of the North American EV puzzle for the Japanese giant, but it’s clear that other utilitarian EVs will join the effort on Toyota’s side.

In China, the FAW-Toyota conglomerate has just begun production of its bZ3 sedan, a sort of all-electric Corolla that, as you may have noticed, uses design elements from the brand’s latest creations, such as this very sleek bumper with the light strip that runs across the body. The headlight units have been installed under this strip of light which serves as a daytime running light. The lower portion of this front end is a bit more aggressive with this spoiler that redirects the air on the sides of the sedan.

2023 Toyota bZ3 Photo: FAW-Toyota

In profile, the bZ3 has a rounded silhouette that ends at the trunk. At this time, the rear section has not been revealed. In any case, it would be surprising for Toyota to bring this type of body style to North America, where SUVs and other utility vehicles have been popular for more than a decade now.

What’s surprising about this purely electric sedan is its entry price of 189,800 RMB (or just over $37,000 in Canadian dollars, or $27,400 in US dollars), which shows that it’s still possible to build “affordable” cars. Ok, a bZ3 sedan isn’t as affordable as a gasoline-powered Corolla in its most accessible guise, but with the more expensive electric options on the market, this car could certainly be of interest to many North American consumers, even if its bodywork is nothing like that of a utility vehicle.

2023 Toyota bZ3 Photo: FAW-Toyota

The dimensions of the bZ3 are like those of the best-selling sedan, but the electric car is slightly larger. As for the interior, which isn’t expected to arrive here anytime soon, it’s based on what’s been offered so far in the bZ4X and even the recently redesigned Prius. The steering wheel has a flattened base, the small screen is far behind the steering wheel and the large vertical screen is in the middle of the dashboard, as well as the center console where you’ll find the transmission engagement knob.

It’s also worth noting that the base version (150) is equipped with a 184-horsepower engine, while a 300 S version boosts power to 245. Finally, according to the Chinese method of calculating the possible distance between recharges, the Toyota bZ3 would be able to drive for 517 km before having to stop for a recharge. The other version, more expensive, could run for 616 km. We’re guessing that these distances would be shorter on the North American continent, but regardless, it’s reassuring to see that manufacturers continue to produce so-called “traditional” cars, even in the electric age. If only it could be offered on this side of the pond.

2023 Toyota bZ3 Photo: FAW-Toyota


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