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NewsThe Project Arrow is set to be Previewed on October 19

The Project Arrow is set to be Previewed on October 19

The Automotive Parts Manufacturer Association is getting ready to preview its Canadian-made vehicle ahead of its official launch.

  • This vehicle is made of entirely Canadian parts supplied by the Automotive Parts Manufacturer Association (APMA)

  • The concept will not be finished at that time and its official reveal will take place at the 2023 CES in January

  • The goal of this project is to show the capabilities of the Canadian Auto suppliers

Despite not having any domestic automakers, Canada has always played an important role in the North American automotive industry due to its numerous assembly plants and parts suppliers, which are willing to show they are ready to embrace new technologies.

The Automotive Parts Manufacturer Association (AMPA) is currently working on a vehicle made entirely of Canadian-supplied parts, which will be previewed on October 19.

According to the association, the vehicle is currently in the build stage and it will not be completed when it will be shown at the AMPA’s annual conference.

This means that those taking part in the conference will be able to get a glimpse of the vehicle, but they won’t get to see it in its final form.

The goal of Project Arrow is to showcase the capabilities of Canadian auto suppliers in order to incentivize more automakers to build new factories in the country instead of moving production abroad.

This is why the vehicle will display a number of new technologies that are currently not in widespread use, notably its 3D-printed polymer chassis.

Over 400 Canadian companies have shown interest in Project Arrow, which will be officially revealed to the public in January 2023 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The AMPA says this vehicle is a rolling business card for the Canadian Automotive industry rather than a production-intent model, which means that it will most likely be a one-off.

Due to the commercial nature of the project, a team will proceed with a tour of many major car shows in North America next year, including Toronto and Montreal.

Source: Automotive News Canada


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