Monday, December 6, 2021
News The R36 Nissan GT-R will Receive a New Platform

The R36 Nissan GT-R will Receive a New Platform

Nissan is revitalising the GT-R with a new platform and a possible electrification

  • The R36 will be the 8th generation of the GT-R

  • Nissan will develop an entirely new platform for the R36 GT-R

  • It could be electrified, although this is not certain yet

Nissan is a company that is focussed on building mostly appliance cars, vehicles designed to get people safely and reliably from point A to B, yet, it has a couple of surprises in its lineup.

Two sports cars are produced by Nissan, the Z and the GT-R. These models are not well known by people who aren’t car enthusiasts, mainly because they are getting very old.

In order to bring them back to the forefront, Nissan completely renewed the Z for 2023 and the GT-R will be getting the same treatment soon.

The GT-R has been in its 7th generation, called R35, since 2009 without receiving major changes over the last 12 years.

The next version will be called R36 and Nissan confirmed the car will benefit from an entirely new platform, meaning it won’t just be a reskinned version of the old model.

In order to keep up with times, the company is considering to use an electrified drivetrain for this new sports car, most likely a hybrid system, although this isn’t a final choice. According to the automaker, the decision to electrify the GT-R will be made by listening to customer feedback and to comply with emissions regulations.

No matter what powertrain it ends up using, enthusiasts shouldn’t be disappointed since Nissan said it wants to GT-R to be the “quickest car of its kind” and has to “own the track”, so its performance and handling should be even more impressive than they are today.

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