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NewsThe Ram 1500 Revolution Will be Available with a Range Extender

The Ram 1500 Revolution Will be Available with a Range Extender

Ram will offer its electric truck with a combustion-powered range extender.

  • This gasoline engine will help extend the truck’s range, especially when towing.

  • The fully electric variant will remain the priority, according to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.

  • More details could arrive soon since a production version of the Ram EV should arrive later this year.

Ram unveiled the 1500 Revolution Concept at the CES last week and now, the CEO of Stellantis has confirmed one of the rumours about this upcoming electric truck.

Indeed, this model will be available with a range extender, unlike any other electric truck currently on sale.

This means that a gasoline or diesel engine will be installed in the truck in order to charge the battery while going down the road, thus making it possible to complete longer trips without having to stop at charging stations.

Unlike a typical hybrid powertrain, this combustion engine would never be used to power the wheels directly, which is what allows Ram to call this vehicle an EV with a range extender rather than a hybrid.

The company says this option will be especially useful for owners who want to tow heavy loads on long distances with their EV truck.

This makes sense since tests have proved many times that the range of the Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T, the two most popular electric pickups at the moment, is badly affected by towing, even when the weight of the trailer is nowhere near the maximum towing capacity.

Obviously, Ram will not be the only company to offer such an option if it proves to be popular with buyers, and Ford already filed a patent for a removable generator that can be placed in the bed of the F-150 Lightning when more range is needed.

Despite the rumours about a range extender for the Ram EV having now been confirmed, no further details have been revealed.

The wait might not be too long, however, since the production version of the Ram 1500 Revolution concept is expected to be launched later this year, in time for the 2024 model year.

Source: Car and Driver


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