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News The Refreshed Tesla Model Y is Not Coming to North America in...

The Refreshed Tesla Model Y is Not Coming to North America in 2024

Tesla says in an internal message that the refreshed Model Y will not launch in 2024, at least not in North America.

  • Following the refreshed Model 3, a rework of the Model Y is expected.

  • Tesla has said in an internal communication that the new Model Y will not launch this year.

  • It is possible that the refreshed Model Y could be introduced in Europe and Asia first.

An internal document from Tesla, which has been uncovered by Teslascope, confirms that the refreshed Model Y will not arrive on the North American market in 2024 after all.

This seems to be in contradiction with a Reuters report that claimed the revised electric crossover would enter production later this year.

Codenamed “Juniper”, the new Model Y is expected to be broadly the same vehicle that has been on sale here since the 2020 model year, except some details, such as the headlamps and taillamps.

This is in line with the refresh that has been made to the Model 3 sedan for the 2024 model year, with the addition of new wheel designs, a revised dashboard that includes ambient lighting, the removal of column stalks for the turn signals and the gear selector, as well as new features included in the single touchscreen.

Since the Model Y and the Model 3 share most of their engineering and design work, it seems likely that the refreshed compact SUV will benefit from all of the same enhancements.

While the internal message aimed at Tesla’s American sales consultant only says to be transparent with customers that a modernized Model Y is not to be expected in 2024, many still believe it will be launched shortly, possibly even in the first half of next year.

2024 Tesla Model 3 | Photo: Tesla

This is believable considering that the refreshed Model 3 launched in Europe and Asia in late 2023 before being introduced to the United States and Canada in early 2024.

Following a similar product rollout for the Model Y would fit both with reports that production of the vehicle is scheduled to start this year and company info that confirms North American sales will have to wait until at least 2025.

For the time being, Tesla has made new temporary price cuts to the existing Model Y and it has announced incentives for those who take delivery by the end of March, including $1,000 off a Model S, X or Y for those who still hold an early reservation for the Cybertruck and free transfers of its FSD systems and lifetime free supercharging package.

These incentives could be a clue that Tesla is trying to reduce its inventory to make way for a new product, but given that the refreshed Model Y has now been confirmed to be at least 10.5 months away, it seems quite early to do so.

Source: Teslarati

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