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NewsThe Return of the BMW 5 Series Touring in America Will be...

The Return of the BMW 5 Series Touring in America Will be in M5 Trim Only

The BMW M5 Touring will take it to the Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes-AMG E 63 wagon

The automotive gods have heard our prayers, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. The new BMW 5 Series Touring won’t be coming to North America, sadly… Not all is lost… Actually, we may have won everything as the 5 Series wagon will coming back and in M5 trim only! The M5, one of the most iconic M cars ever to grace the tarmac, is now going to be once again available as a station wagon and for the first time ever, it will possibly officially be available here.


BMW Revs Up Launch of New 5 Series, i5 Sedan and Teases 5 Series Touring for 2024


The last time we saw an M5 Touring was back in the days of the V10-powered E61 and the rare E34. Neither was offered for sale as new in Canada or the US, however a few imported examples can be spotted on our roads. Motor1 says that there’s a very good chance that the new M5 Touring will be offered the US, and we hope BMW Canada will see fit to make a few examples available for Canucks with deeeeeep pockets. Even if BMW Canada asks $200k for it, it’ll still sell.


Let’s talk about what’s under the hood. The new M5 Touring is expected to feature a twin-turbo 4.4L V8 coupled with an electric motor. If you’re familiar with the XM’s powertrain, you’ll know that this beastly combo churns out a staggering 738 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. While the M5 Touring’s output is expected to be slightly toned down, it’s still going to be one of the fastest family haulers on the planet. We’re talking around 700 horsepower, folks. That’s right, seven-zero-zero… This wagon isn’t just for grocery runs; it’s for running laps around your favorite track.


2021 BMW M5 Competition | Photo: Olivier Delorme


Though the coming of a new BMW M5 Touring is not official, we’re convinced that there’s an opportunity here for BMW to further elevate itself into the super-elite ultra-rarified segments of super-wagons and take it to Audi and Mercedes. It could also serve as an “I’m sorry for the XM” statement too… This isn’t the first time reports of the M5 coming home so we’re almost convinced it’s going to happen.


We can’t wait to hear from BMW’s North American operations on this one.


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