Friday, January 27, 2023
News Rimac is Officially Launching the Nevera in the US

Rimac is Officially Launching the Nevera in the US

Rimac will launch the Nevera in the United States during the Monterey Car Week.

  • The electric Hypercar will be displayed to the American public during the Monterey Car Week

  • Rimac found ten dealerships to sell and service the Nevera around the United States

  • One of the cars will tour the United States for the remainder of the year

Rimac showed its first prototype at the Monterey Car Week back in 2017 and now, five years later, it is getting ready to officially launch its first production model in the US at the same event.

The small company made sure to develop this hypercar in a way that would make it meet all of the safety requirements to be sold in the United States, which is one of the markets targeted by the automaker.

This required the vehicle to go through 45 crash tests which ended up destroying 11 cars and damaging a further 7, but it is the only way this model could have been sold in the US.

The Nevera is one of the first fully electric hypercars and it is one of the most extreme cars of this type even when compared to gasoline-powered models. Indeed, the Nevera uses 4 motors to produce 1,813 horsepower and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 1.85 seconds, which makes it the fastest accelerating production vehicle, narrowly beating the Tesla Model S Plaid’s 1.9 second time.

The company will display two production models of the Nevera during the event in California, after which one of the cars will undertake a months-long tour of the country which will allow enthusiasts from all around the US to admire the new hypercar.

The other car will return to its native Croatia in order to take part in events held there over the rest of 2022, such as the Super Car Owners’ Circle drive.

Since Rimac intends to make its place on the American market, it has already found 10 dealerships that will distribute and service the cars around the country.

Since the two companies are now partnered, a new model of Bugatti will be launched alongside the US debut of the Rimac hypercar.

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