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NewsThe Rimac Nevera can Now Legally be Sold in the US

The Rimac Nevera can Now Legally be Sold in the US

Rimac confirmed the Nevera electric hypercar has passed all of the safety and emissions testing required to be sold in the US.

  • The Rimac Nevera is an electric hypercar that has more than 1,900 horsepower

  • Mandatory crash tests and EPA range testing have now taken place

  • The official range is recorded as 287 miles (462 kilometers)

After a multitude of crash tests with the NHTSA and a testing cycle with the EPA, the Rimac Nevera can now legally be sold in the United States.

In order to sell a new model in the US, automakers have to subject it to a battery of tests that show it meets or exceeds all of the laws regarding vehicle safety and emissions.

Croatian automaker Rimac has just done so for the Nevera, its new electric hypercar that was first unveiled in prototype form at the Geneva Autoshow in 2018.

Being cleared for sale doesn’t mean the Nevera will immediately begin flooding the American market, however.

Indeed, the automaker said that the second regular-production unit has just begun its pre-delivery tests, which means it could be quite a while before the first shipment lands on this side of the Atlantic. Even then, the Nevera’s estimated $2.4 million price tag will ensure it remains an exclusive product.

For this price, buyers will take possession of the fastest production car in the quarter-mile, with a time of 8.58 seconds at 167.51 mph (268.76 km/h). This is possible due to its output of 1,914 horsepower and 1,740 lb-ft of torque.

Even with this level of power, the Rimac Nevera manages to have a range of 287 miles (462 kilometers), as proved by the EPA. The efficiency numbers are not out yet to compare the Nevera’s power consumption with other fast electric vehicles.

In addition to the Nevera, Rimac and Bugatti (both companies have merged in 2021) are working on four other upcoming hypercars.

Rimac Nevera | Photo: Rimac


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