Saturday, September 23, 2023
News The Rivian R1S Dual Motor will Have 348 Miles of EPA Range

The Rivian R1S Dual Motor will Have 348 Miles of EPA Range

The Rivian R1S will have more range but less power with the new Enduro dual-motor powertrain.

  • Documents leaked from the EPA give more information about this new version of the Rivian SUV.

  • The enduro drive units will also allow the R1S to offer 708 horsepower.

  • The R1T pickup is expected to be even more efficient than the SUV.

Rivian has been working on a new dual-motor powertrain for quite some time and the EPA has now leaked its official power output and range figures.

Documents showing the results of the agency’s tests of the R1S electric SUV equipped with the new Enduro drive units reveals the R1S will offer up to 348 miles (560 kilometres).

Of course, this figure will be dependent on the size of wheels each customer orders, but the leak also includes EPA range estimates for other configurations.

Indeed, while buyers who choose 21-inch wheels will benefit from the maximum amount of range, those who go for larger 22-inch units will still be able to drive 336 miles (541 kilometres) between charges.

The penalty will be more noticeable when all-terrain tires with 20-inch wheels are selected, with an EPA range of 305 miles (491 kilometres).

While we only know about the range figures for the R1S at the moment, the R1T pickup, which has also been tested by the EPA, is likely to return even more favorable numbers.

For comparison, the current R1S equipped with the quad motor powertrain is capable of only 321 miles (517 kilometres) and the R1T tops out at 328 miles (528 kilometres).

In addition to revealing the range for the dual-motor R1S, the documents pointed out the total power output of the new powertrain: 708 horsepower.

This is in line with previous rumours about the Performance variant of the Enduro-equipped R1S, which either means that every R1S and R1T will now offer this level of power, or more likely, that the EPA listed only the highest power output available.

In that case, a standard version delivering around 600 horsepower is to be expected and the upgraded performance level should be made available via an over-the-air update.

This is quite a bit less than the 835-horsepower output of the current quad-motor setup, but the new dual-motor Enduro drivetrain is expected to be lighter, which should reduce the gap in actual performance.

Since the new Enduro drive units have been developed in-house by Rivian instead of being sourced from outside suppliers, they will help the company fulfil orders more quickly and they could even allow Rivian to lower its prices.

The first units of the Enduro R1T and R1S models have already been produced and Rivian is confident the first deliveries will take place in June.

This means that the EPA is likely to officially reveal its range figures for the R1T quite soon.

Source: Carbuzz

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