Tuesday, February 7, 2023
News The Second Generation of the Volkswagen ID.3 will be Unveiled Next Spring.

The Second Generation of the Volkswagen ID.3 will be Unveiled Next Spring.

Volkswagen has already begun taking orders for the revised ID.3 that will be unveiled next spring.

  • Due to delivery delays, orders placed starting now will be for the updated model.

  • This is likely only a refresh of the current model with better materials in the cabin.

  • The new ID.3 will gain Plug & Charge and a new infotainment system.

Volkswagen has confirmed that the ID.3 sub-compact electric car will receive a makeover for the 2024 model year which will be unveiled next spring.

Looking at sketches of the new model published by the automaker, this is likely to be a facelift rather than an entirely new generation, but there will be some significant changes.

Volkswagen says it determined many of the changes to be made by talking to current owners of the electric hatchback.

This is why customers should expect the new model to have higher-quality materials in the cabin as well as more standard equipment.

Updated Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

Also new will be the infotainment system that can receive over-the-air updates, as well as its larger standard screen that will now measure 12 inches. This system will also include the Electric Vehicle Route Planner which can point out all of the charging stations on the driver’s route.

The ID.3 will also now be available with a new generation of the Travel Assist system, and the Park Assist feature now has a memory function.

New technologies will also simplify the charging experience by making it possible to begin charging at public chargers simply by plugging in the cable instead of having to log into an app and configure payment details every time.

The company hasn’t given any details about the changes made to the exterior of the second-generation ID.3, except that its design has “matured”.

Updated Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

Despite the main Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg joining the Zwickau and Dresden plant in assembling the ID.3 ahead of the updated model, the automaker doesn’t expect to deliver the first units of the new version before the fourth quarter of 2023.

This is due to high demand and ongoing supply issues for some components and it is also why orders placed starting now will be allocated to the new model despite it not having been introduced to the public yet.

When it arrives on the market in Germany, the new ID.3 will be offered in five trim levels, the most affordable of which will start at 43,995 Euros (C$62,400).

Updated Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

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