Wednesday, October 4, 2023
News The Second Model from AEHRA will be an Electric Sedan

The Second Model from AEHRA will be an Electric Sedan

AEHRA has now unveiled its second model, an ultra-premium electric sedan.

  • AEHRA is an Italo-American ultra-premium EV start-up that unveiled its first model late last year.

  • The sedan will feature a number of details usually seen only in supercars.

  • Deliveries of both the SUV and the new sedan will begin in 2026.

Despite having only unveiled its first model eight months ago, AEHRA has shown images of a new sedan that will join the SUV in its lineup when both arrive on the market in 2026.

This Italo-American start-up EV maker is focused on the upper end of the electric vehicle market, describing its future models as Ultra-Premium products.

The new sedan features a sleek design that has been inspired by “centuries of Italian design and purity of expression” according to the manufacturer.

AEHRA sedan | Photo: AEHRA

This translates into a curvy sedan that shows a fairly aggressive front end and a low, flowing roofline that seamlessly integrates the rear window.

Since the sedan will be based on the same platform as the SUV, it will benefit from similar mechanical elements, which means it could offer a range of more than 800 kilometres, which is the target for the larger model.

This could be possible thanks to a partnership with Miba Battery Systems, a company that says it will be able to supply battery packs that can deliver this amount of range and charging capabilities of up to 350 kW.

AEHRA sedan | Photo: AEHRA

No images of the interior of the sedan have been revealed yet, but the automaker has confirmed this model will also feature two Falcon doors like the SUV and the Tesla Model X.

While the SUV also has elytra-like doors upfront, no mention of them has been made when talking about the sedan, which means it could be equipped with conventional front doors.

Since the sedan will share much of its development with the SUV, it is likely that the full-width digital display that can be expanded into the windshield when the vehicle is stopped will also be found in this new model.

AEHRA sedan | Photo: AEHRA

No technical details have been announced for the AEHRA sedan as of now, except that it will use materials that are typically reserved for supercars, such as sustainable composite materials, including carbon fibre.

More details about both models from AEHRA should be announced in the coming years since deliveries of the SUV and the Sedan are expected to begin in 2026 for North America and Europe, after which the company will target China and the Middle East.

AEHRA sedan | Photo: AEHRA

AEHRA sedan | Photo: AEHRA

AEHRA sedan | Photo: AEHRA

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