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NewsThe Tesla Cybertruck Can’t Be Painted, But It Can Be Wrapped

The Tesla Cybertruck Can’t Be Painted, But It Can Be Wrapped

  • Tesla Cybertruck stainless steel body can’t be painted, but wrapping is an option

  • Early on, however, Tesla says Cybertruck owners will need to turn to a third party for a wrap

It will be possible to modify the appearance of the Tesla Cybertruck with a wrap, but it will not be possible to paint the Cybertruck.

This is due to the fact that the new Tesla electric truck is made of stainless steel, which gives it excellent strength, but limits the options for painting.

Tesla Cybertruck interior
Tesla Cybertruck | Photo: Tesla

It is possible to change the color of the steel, but the process is complex and the results are not as convincing as traditional paint.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had indicated in the past that the company would eventually offer a “wrap” option. However, Musk recently indicated that the option would not be available at first.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck | Photo: Tesla

“The Cybertruck will be able to have any color, as long as it’s nothing,” Tesla’s boss added.

In other words, Musk is saying that the Cybertruck won’t be able to have any color other than steel, at least at first. His earlier comment is a reference to Henry Ford, who once said that Ford Model T buyers could have any color “as long as it’s black.”

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck | Photo: Tesla

In short, early Cybertruck owners will have to live with the steel look, or have another company “wrap” the vehicle if they want a unique finish.


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