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NewsThe Tesla Cybertruck has Been Spotted Again, This Time with a New...

The Tesla Cybertruck has Been Spotted Again, This Time with a New Interior

Tesla brought the Cybertruck prototype to a recent event in California, where its interior was shown.

  • The prototype is equipped with the yoke found on the Model S

  • The interior is not complete, but it previews what to expect from an eventual production version

  • The electric pickup is now said to arrive in 2023

Tesla showed a prototype for its Cybertruck once again, but this time it seems to have a fairly complete interior.

During an event in California, the Cybertruck made an appearance where participants got a look at the interior of the long-awaited electric pickup.

The pictures they took show an interior that seems quite close to a production-ready design since it features most of the elements expected on a vehicle destined for the road.

An interesting element is that the Cybertruck currently uses a second screen mounted in front of the driver, presumably to act as a gauge cluster while the very large center screen is dedicated to the infotainment system and the other vehicle controls. This is similar to the current Model S and Model X but not the Model 3 and Model Y, which feature a single screen in the middle of the dashboard.

Also similar to the Model S and the Model X is the Yoke that replaces a conventional steering wheel. This unit has attracted numerous criticisms, mainly since Tesla doesn’t change the steering ratio for the vehicles equipped with it, which makes low-speed and emergency maneuvers clunky and slower. The automaker is apparently working on a non-linear steering system to use with the yoke, but it is still years away, per Elon Musk’s own admission.

This is still a prototype, so some details are bound to change before the model makes it to the regular production stage. For example, the seat rails are exposed, which is usually not the case in new vehicles and especially not those that aren’t entry-level models.

Similarly, the metal accelerator and brake pedals seem to have unusually sharp angles, a detail that will most likely have to be changed in order to protect the driver’s legs in case of an accident.

This particular unit was not fitted with a driver’s side airbag and the cover for the driver assistance hardware mounted on the windshield was also missing, further contributing to the unfinished look of the prototype.

Tesla now claims the Cybertruck will enter production shortly and arrive on sale at the beginning of next year, but this is only the last in a long line of broken promises that began by claiming the truck would be available to customers at the end of last year.

Source: Cybertruck Owners Club


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