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NewsThe Tesla Cybertruck Will Float if Temporarily

The Tesla Cybertruck Will Float if Temporarily

The Tesla Cybertruck’s build quality will have to be massively good if it’s going to be waterproof

  • The Cybertruck still hasn’t hit production yet.

  • Musk claims that it can serve as a boat to cross rivers.

The man’s a genius. For a minute, if that, the internet almost forgot about the Tesla Cybertruck. As though sensing that this was the case, Elon Musk tweeted that his yet-to-be-built electric truck will be waterproof enough to serve as a boat.


The first thought that pops to mind is Tesla’s now legendary horribly uneven build quality. Panel gaps, either a micron- or an inch-wide, on the same vehicle, are commonplace. Should this practice continue, we presume that brave Cybertruck owners may need to call Matt’s Off-Road recovery to fish their trucks out of rivers.

Musk tweeted that the Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve as a boat in order to cross rivers and lakes. The motivation, for Tesla’s CEO, is crossing the channel from Starbase, SpaceX’s facility located at Boca Chica, Texas, to South Padre Island.

The genius’ plan has worked as the internet is abuzz with wonderful photoshopped images of the Cybertruck. Production was supposed to begin about a year but has been postponed a number of times and is now slated for sometime in 2023.


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