Saturday, May 28, 2022
News The Tesla Mic Sells Out in Less than an Hour in China

The Tesla Mic Sells Out in Less than an Hour in China

Tesla launched a karaoke microphone in China, which sold out in less than an hour

  • The Tesla Mic is a microphone designed to allow karaoke in the car

  • It sold out less than an hour after it was launched

  • Tesla could bring this product to North America, according to a new trademark

Karaoke is a very popular activity in Asia and especially China, where there are more than 50,000 venues catering to this pastime.

Tesla wanted to cash-in on the popularity of karaoke, and it worked. The automaker launched the Tesla Mic, a wireless microphone made to work with the latest version of their car’s software, and less than an hour later, all units had found a taker.

The company has not revealed how many of the Tesla Mic it sold in that time, but the website reportedly kept crashing due to heavy traffic.

The Tesla Mic comes in a box containing two of the devices so that both the driver and the passenger can partake. Each set cost around $188 USD

The Mic comes loaded with a selection of popular karaoke songs and the lyrics appear on the car’s center screen so that both participants can follow along and a couple of sound modes can change the singer’s voice.

Fortunately, this feature is reported to only work while the vehicle is stopped, unlike the videogames which could be played by the driver when the vehicle was in motion. The karaoke mode is intended to let the passengers have fun and pass time while the vehicle is charging, for example.

This feature is currently only available in China, but it could very well come to North America, since the automaker expanded its US trademark to cover audio equipment, such as headphones, subwoofers and most importantly, microphones.

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