The Tesla Roadster’s Crazy Steering Wheel To Make Production


Rumours has it that the two-spoke butterfly steering wheel from the Tesla Roadster will make it to production even though it’s not legal in most markets.

The Tesla Roadster prototype, which was first seen back in 2017, featured a number of cool tricks including the two-spoke butterfly steering wheel. Apparently, participants at Tesla’s Annual Shareholder Meeting earlier this week got to see the Tesla Roadster prototype, a step after concept but ahead of production, sporting the same steering wheel.

Things can obviously change in an instant in this scenario, as this is only a steering wheel and not a major component. If you can’t picture it in your mind, think Knight Rider and K.I.T.T.’s steering wheel – same idea.

When the Roadster concept hit the stage, the story went that the car was to be put into production for the 2021 model year but now that the Model Y is on its way, Elon says, and we all agree, that it is a far more important vehicle to get up and running. This then means that the Roadster will be assumingly delayed for an extra year so there’s plenty of time for changes before production begins.

This whole steering wheel thing could also be another brilliant plan on behalf of Musk to get us to talk about his product. Obviously, it’s worked brilliantly.

Source: electrek



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