Saturday, May 28, 2022
News The Tesla Supercharging Network is Becoming More Reliable

The Tesla Supercharging Network is Becoming More Reliable

Tesla claims its supercharger network is becoming more reliable since it has achieved 99.6% of uptime in 2021.

  • The network achieved an uptime of 99.96% in 2021

  • 912 supercharger stations have been added during the year

  • The uptime figure is a little misleading, since it is the amount of time at least 50% of the stalls were in working order.

Tesla says its supercharger network is becoming more reliable since it achieved an uptime of 99.96% in 2021.

This is more than the uptime posted every year before and especially in 2020, when the network had a little more downtime.

This seems very impressive, but the figure is slightly misleading. Indeed, uptime doesn’t mean the proportion of time every supercharger stall was working, but rather the amount of time at least half of the available stall at each station.

Nevertheless, this is still good news since Supercharger stations tend to have multiple stalls, meaning that even if half of them are inoperable, motorists still have a few stalls to use.

In fact. The global average suggests that each station has around 9 stalls, meaning that there were at least 4 or 5 available to drivers at each station for 99.96% of the year.

This reduced number of functioning stalls might not even be a major inconvenience, since the Supercharger network is still reserved only to Tesla vehicles in most parts of the world, thus reducing the number of electric vehicles that can use them.

In addition to the increased reliability of the network, Tesla says it has added 912 stations around the world, all of which use the new V3 Superchargers, which can charge at rates up to 250 kW.

This has bumped the global number of stations up to 3,724 and the total of individual stalls up to 33,657, which is a 37% improvement compared to 2020.

This continues to solidify Tesla’s position as the leading company in terms of electric vehicle charging infrastructure around the world, a key selling point for the automaker’s cars and SUVs.

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