Wednesday, December 7, 2022
News The Tesla Wireless Charger 2.0 Sold Out Hours After its Release

The Tesla Wireless Charger 2.0 Sold Out Hours After its Release

Tesla made a portable power bank, which sold out within hours

  • The wireless charger 2.0 is a small power bank that can charge phones and other small appliances

  • This item was offered at $90 in Canada and $70 in the United States

  • As many other products on the Tesla store, it sold out within hours

Tesla is known to periodically release some products unrelated to cars, such as alcoholic beverages, clothing and most recently, a portable power bank.

As usual, this new product sold out within hours of being made available on the Tesla shop, the website where the company sells these items, as well as accessories for its cars.

The wireless charger 2.0 is a portable power bank that has a battery capacity of up to 10,000 mAh at 37 Wh and the ability to charge phones or other small devices wirelessly by setting them on the charger’s surface.

The charger comes with a USB-C lightning cable to allow for wired charging of devices incapable of wirelessly receiving power.

This item can be used any where, including in a Tesla vehicle that isn’t equipped with factory wireless charging, which is likely what many buyers intend to do.

Tesla offered a limited quantity of the wireless charger 2.0 in all five of the paint colors that are available for the company’s vehicles, allowing buyers to match this accessory to their vehicle.

Prices were $90 in Canada and $70 in the United States and people who are interested can sign up to be notified when the product is restocked on the shop in the future.

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