Thursday, February 9, 2023
News The Toyota bz3 Could be an Electric Corolla

The Toyota bz3 Could be an Electric Corolla

Toyota is working on the bZ3, a Corolla-sized electric sedan that was leaked by the Chinese government.

  • The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology leaked images of the upcoming sedan

  • This compact electric sedan could be an EV alternative to the Corolla

  • It might only be offered in China

Toyota has said many times it doesn’t believe electric vehicles are the only way forward, but that doesn’t mean the Japanese giant isn’t working on EVs to add to its lineup.

Leaked images from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) show a compact sedan called bZ3 that seems to be about the same size as the current Corolla.

This model had been rumoured late last year when Toyota unveiled 15 electric concepts in one go, one of which being a compact sedan.

Toyota bZ3 | Photo: MIIT
Toyota bZ3 | Photo: MIIT

Looking at the images leaked by the Chinese government, it appears that the automaker didn’t do much design work on this model between then and now since the completed car in the leaked images is almost identical to the concept.

Indeed, the only apparent differences between the concept and the production model are the wheels and a slight rework of the front bumper.

Unsurprisingly, the bZ3 shares many of its design cues with the bZ4x, the first electric vehicle from Toyota. These cues include the shape of the headlamps and the taillamps.

Toyota compact electric sedan concept | Photo: Toyota

No pictures of the interior have been revealed as of now, but it is likely that the bZ3 will share the look of its dashboard with the electric SUV.

Even if it doesn’t appear so in the pictures, the bZ3 will be slightly longer than the bZ4x both in terms of overall length and wheelbase. The SUV will be wider and higher, however.

Despite having a style that is well integrated into the Toyota lineup, the bZ3 is not entirely developed by the automaker.

Indeed, the company’s Chinese partner, BYD, is responsible for the battery pack and the motor, among other elements.

Toyota bZ3 | Photo: MIIT
Toyota bZ3 | Photo: MIIT

This means that the compact sedan should offer an output of 181 horsepower to 241 horsepower sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

BYD is not the only Chinese company to have a hand in making the bZ3 either, since the manufacturing of the production models will be performed by FAW, another automaker that has worked with Toyota before.

This is why it is possible that this model will only be offered in China, with another compact EV developed solely by Toyota sold elsewhere on the globe.

Toyota bZ3 | Photo: MIIT
Toyota bZ3 | Photo: MIIT

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