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NewsThe Toyota BZ4X is Subjected to its First Recall

The Toyota BZ4X is Subjected to its First Recall

The Toyota BZ4X could lose a wheel due to hub bolts that can loosen while driving.

  • 2,700 units are affected worldwide, 280 of which are in North America

  • The Wheels can come loose after sharp turns or hard braking

  • The recall has only been filed in Japan for now

Toyota announced the first recall for its BZ4X, the first fully electric vehicle from the brand (apart from the Rav4 EV which was only sold in California).

The problem at the center of this recall campaign is the possibility for the wheels to come loose and potentially fall off of the vehicle while driving.

The cause and a solution have not yet been determined but Toyota claims that after sharp turns or harsh braking, the hub bolts can loosen and potentially let go completely.

This is obviously dangerous because the driver could lose control and if the wheel detaches completely, it could strike another vehicle or a pedestrian.

Fortunately, since the BZ4X has just entered the market, the number of affected vehicles is relatively low, with 2,700 units recalled around the world, of which 260 were sold in the United States and only 20 are driving on Canadian roads.

The automaker claims it is not aware of any accidents that have been caused by this defect but it nonetheless recommends owners not to drive their vehicle until a fix to the issue has been found.

Since the recall has not been filed outside of Japan as of now, the timeline for the communication to the owners isn’t known yet.

If Toyota isn’t able to find the cause of the problem and provide a solution quickly, this recall could impede the deliveries of the brand’s first electric model and have potential customers look elsewhere since the undelivered vehicles are being held at the port of entry.

Subaru has not yet announced a recall for the Solterra, but since its own electric vehicle is only a rebadged version of the Toyota BZ4X, it is more than likely to suffer from the same problem.


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