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NewsThe U.S Government Launches an Investigation into Security Risks of Chinese EVs

The U.S Government Launches an Investigation into Security Risks of Chinese EVs

Chinese connected cars could pose a threat to national security, according to the Biden Administration.

  • The Biden administration worries about China spying on Americans through these cars.

  • The Chinese embassy denies this and has criticized the white house for making these allegations.

  • Cars with Chinese batteries are not eligible for U.S. tax credits, and further restrictions could be added.

Earlier today, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that the Secretary of Commerce has been instructed to open an investigation into connected vehicles coming from “countries of concern”, most notably China.

This is because Chinese automakers aim to overtake established manufacturers around the world by launching new electric models in Europe, and potentially North America.

Due to their lower production costs and advanced powertrain technologies, these vehicles could be massively successful in the United States, which the U.S. government claims is a threat to national security.

Indeed, like the vast majority of vehicles currently on sale, these future Chinese EVs would be equipped with connected features that could transmit data back to their makers over the Internet.

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The fear is thus that the Chinese government could collect data about American citizens and the country’s infrastructure, which it could then use for nefarious purposes.

The Biden Administration also says that Chinese-connected cars could be remotely accessed or disabled.

The Chinese embassy in the United States has denied any plans to use cars as spying devices, and it has criticized the White House for suggesting that Chinese vehicles could pose a threat to privacy.

Electric vehicles sold in the United States equipped with batteries made in China or from Chinese minerals are already ineligible for tax credits, and it seems the U.S. government is ready to add additional countermeasures to prevent their sale.

Indeed, the White House has said that it has the power to have a “large impact” on the success of Chinese EVs, and it plans on modifying its existing tariffs to include Chinese cars built in Mexico.

The investigation will have a broader scope since it will also look at vehicles already manufactured in America, notably to see where their software comes from and who might have access to the data they collect.

This is not the first time the United States government has tried to prevent Chinese tech from entering the local consumer market since a number of Chinese telecom companies have been refused entry over the same national security fears.

Source: Carscoops


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