Friday, January 27, 2023
News The Upcoming BMW i7 will be Silent

The Upcoming BMW i7 will be Silent

BMW is trying to reduce noise to a minimum in the upcoming i7 electric luxury sedan

These days, BMW is quietly moving forward with the development of its upcoming i7 sedan, especially when it comes to the well-being of its cabin occupants, especially in a limousine that’s quiet thanks to its pure electric drive. The brand’s engineers are putting the next i7 – and the next 7 Series for that matter – through an extensive acoustic testing program.

At the Munich Research and Innovation Center, engineers are checking the vehicle’s entire range of emissions and noise levels. Engine noise, ride quality, aeroacoustics and vibration levels are all analyzed in detail to deliver an electric 7 Series experience. Also of note is the collaboration with Hollywood music composer Hans Zimmer for this series of sounds exclusive to the brand’s future electric vehicles, called IconicSounds Electric. Note that it will also be possible to drive in complete silence.

The research center in Munich allows the team to study ambient noise, notably by reproducing various surfaces around the world.

BMW is seeking to optimize the acoustics of electric powertrains with a new sound insulation system for electric motors, giving the future BMW i7 acoustic decoupling in a wide frequency range. Therefore, the driver of this large German limousine will be able to choose the type of experience he or she wants: total silence or the typical sound experience of a full-size sedan.

Not surprisingly, the rigid chassis and bodywork, and even the tires with foam absorbers inside, should also contribute to the BMW i7’s princely silence. Engineers are also exposing the electric sedan’s prototypes to strong electromagnetic fields to test the sensitivity of their electrical systems to interference and see how they interact with the environment.

In short, if we understand correctly, the BMW i7 should push the limits of automotive acoustics. All that remains is to discover it and then try it out.

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