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News The Upcoming Porsche Macan EV Starts to Take Shape

The Upcoming Porsche Macan EV Starts to Take Shape

The next Porsche Macan will be an EV

It’s safe to say that Porsche has successfully entered the electric segment. Its Taycan sedan-coupe is a formidable performance powerhouse, a comment that also applies to the extended roof variant. But to appeal to the masses these days, a car brand needs to have an SUV lineup in its ranks.

In fact, the top management of the Stuttgart-based brand realized this several years ago with the Cayenne, but also with the more affordable Macan. With the shift to electric power, Porsche has already begun development of the Macan’s successor, which will be fully electric like the Taycan line.

Recently, prototypes of the vehicle in question were spotted alongside a Taycan. There are still a few camouflage panels on both vehicles, but the features of the brand’s latest creations are becoming more and more recognizable.

The most striking element of these prototypes is undoubtedly the silhouette, with the SUV adopting a shape that’s decidedly closer to the Cayenne Coupe, or even the Panamera with that forward-sloping tailgate.

The front section is already fitted with the brand’s typical four-point LED headlights, although the presence of the headlight clusters lower down in the bumper suggests that the headlights have been repositioned there, leaving the four points higher up as daytime running lights only. Standing on those 21-inch wheels, the electric utility vehicle looks ready to swallow the miles, just like any other Porsche model.

At the rear, the LED running lights look like those of other Porsche vehicles, but forget about the “fake exhaust” glued to the back of these two prototypes. Opposite the Taycan sedan, the future electric Macan stands out with its wiper on the rear window. The side windows should also be inspired by the Cayenne Coupe, with the “false stripe” of chrome on both prototypes simply there to fool enthusiasts.

No technical details are known yet about this important future model for Porsche, except that it will be based on the PPE platform developed jointly with Audi. Both brands will use this architecture for several upcoming models, with Audi currently working on the Q6 e-tron and possibly even dropping a Sportback version of the upcoming electric A6 on it, following the concept unveiled earlier this year.

The unveiling of this next electric model for Porsche is expected to take place in 2022 for sales in 2023.

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