Thursday, September 21, 2023
News The Upcoming Rivian R2 Models will Use a Simpler Electrical Architecture

The Upcoming Rivian R2 Models will Use a Simpler Electrical Architecture

Rivian says the R2 models will use a simpler electrical architecture that will make them cheaper to produce.

  • These models will be smaller and more affordable, perhaps competing with the Tesla Model Y.

  • The same simpler architecture will also be applied to the current R1 models.

  • R2 models are expected to be unveiled next year, with deliveries starting in 2026.

Rivian is working on a new generation of smaller and more affordable electric vehicles that should be ready for customer deliveries in 2026.

Not much is known about these models for the moment, except that their design will closely resemble the larger R1 pickup and SUV and their size will be closer to that of the Tesla Model Y.

Rivian’s current models are quite expensive, and making more affordable vehicles profitable is always a challenge for automakers, especially small ones such as Rivian.

In order to reduce the development and production costs of these upcoming models, Rivian engineered a simpler electrical system that will feature fewer components.

Indeed, the company claims this new architecture will use 60% fewer ECUs and a 25% shorter wiring harness than the electrical system currently used in the R1T and R1S.

This will reportedly be achievable with the use of components developed in-house, such as the new Enduro drive units that are now being installed in the R1 models, and grouping ECUs according to zones.

According to the company’s CEO, this will allow Rivian to save “thousands” of dollars per vehicle. Interestingly, these savings will also benefit the R1 models since they will also receive the new electrical system.

Indeed, despite the R2 models being developed with this new architecture in mind from the start, the R1 models will be the first to use it, starting next year.

A new structural body design will also be used on the R2 models and it should provide another avenue for Rivian to save money on development and production.

At the moment, the R2 models are expected to be unveiled sometime next year, with the first customer deliveries taking place in 2026.

Source: Carscoops

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