The Vauxhall Lotus Carlton: The Highest Performance Saloon GM Never Built


Car Throttle put together a fun and educational car on the coolest 90s 4-door sedan that you may have never hear of.

We remember reading about the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton, the infamous Type 104, in a magazine… Yes, some of us are older than 19 at MI.

In Car Throttle’s video, they describe in fair detail how the Lotus Carlton came to be and what Lotus did to it to make it fly on land. They also talk about what may very well the most famous of the Carltons produced between 1990 and 1992.

Of everything said on the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton, our favorite bit is how the British government attempted to ban the car from being produced and sold.

Speaking of sold, if you fancy a rare piece of automotive history, prepare to roll out so big Pounds Sterling. At the time of writing these lines, an example produced in 1991 was up for grabs for £124,995! Yikes! The least expensive was £39,500 while another was listed for £94,000.

What a spectacular car!




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