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NewsThe Volkswagen ID.BUZZ Could be 10.6 Inches Longer in North America

The Volkswagen ID.BUZZ Could be 10.6 Inches Longer in North America

The Volkswagen ID.BUZZ sold in North America will reportedly be longer by 10.6 inches than the European version.

  • Volkswagen said the ID.BUZZ would be longer in North America than in Europe

  • Sources say the longer version could have an additional 10.6 inches in the wheelbase

  • The additional length will benefit the third row of seats.

When the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ was announced, the automaker pointed out that the version that will be sold in North America is not completely identical to the version seen in Europe.

Indeed, the North American electric minivan will be longer by up to 10.6 inches according to sources cited by The Drive.

This decision was apparently motivated by market research that showed Canadian and American drivers use the third row of seats more frequently than their European counterparts.

In order to maximize the space for this additional row of seats (the European model is only a two-row) the entirety of the 10.6 inches will be added to the wheelbase, which means that the model’s short front and rear overhangs should be preserved.

Doing so could allow for a vehicle that can comfortably seat 7 passengers and a load of cargo inside a footprint that is 7 to 8 inches shorter than a typical minivan.

This is possible due to the electric powertrain of the ID.BUZZ, which allows for a very flat front end and a cabin that extends further forward than on a vehicle powered by a combustion engine.

For comparison, the longer version of the Volkswagen van should be about the same size as the Ford Explorer, but it could offer as much interior space as the Chrysler Pacifica.

The first models of the ID.BUZZ will be sold in North America in late 2023 for the 2024 model year and they are expected to be powered by a single motor on the rear axle. An all-wheel drive variant with an added motor in the front is likely to be added later.

Volkswagen has yet to confirm if this increase in length will also be seen on the cargo version of the IB.BUZZ in the US and Canada, but this seems likely.

Source: The Drive


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