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NewsThe Way in Which Rivian Prioritises Some Orders Leads to Criticism from...

The Way in Which Rivian Prioritises Some Orders Leads to Criticism from Reservation Holders

Rivian is prioritising some colour combinations over others, which means some buyers are getting their vehicle before other who have been in line longer.

  • Rivian announced it would prioritise trucks with specific trim options close to a month ago

  • This means that some buyers are receiving their trucks before people having reserved theirs years earlier

  • The automaker says it will overhaul its reservation system

About one month ago, Rivian said it would be prioritising trucks built to certain specifications to ease production, but this has led to many complaints from reservation holders.

Indeed, Rivian gave priority to trucks equipped with the Black Mountain and Forest Edge interiors over the ones featuring the Ocean Coast design.

This decision was explained by saying that the light-coloured wood used in this décor was more difficult to stock than the elements needed for the other interior choices, thus slowing down the production of every model.

This has probably helped Rivian speed up its production in the last month, but its has also led to many unhappy long-time reservation holders that are now threatening to cancel their truck and turn to the Ford F-150 Lightning or the GMC Hummer EV instead.

Most of these people have been waiting for their truck or SUV for many years now, with some pre-orders having been recorded as early as the beginning of 2019.

The temporary pause on the production of the vehicles equipped with the lighter interior option means that some people having put down their deposit close to three years ago are still waiting while others, who have ordered the darker interior appearance only a few months ago, are already driving away in their new vehicles.

The automaker is reportedly working on sourcing the materials needed to produce all of the interior options at the same rate and the company said it will also overhaul its reservation process so that the delays encountered are not linked to the vehicle’s specification.

Even with the problem resolved, Rivian will still need to increase its production rate since the 90,000 orders it currently has could take until the end of 2023 before they have been fulfilled.


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