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NewsThere's a New Fastest Charging Station Around

There’s a New Fastest Charging Station Around

Plug in, turn on

  • New Manhattan station can destroy other EV power sources

  • Can deliver more power than any current EV can take

A New York-based EV charging company says it has the fastest charging stations in the country. The first such station opened this week, and the company says it can add 2,400 miles of range (3,900 km) to an EV in just an hour.

The company is called Gravity, and the first of its 500kW fast charge stations has opened in a parking garage in Manhattan. It has 24 stalls and is available seven days a week with tap and pay and on-site attendance.

500 kW makes these chargers the quickest around, able to pump out more electrons than any other. The next quickest are 350 kW chargers, and even Tesla’s latest supercharger can’t beat that figure.

Interestingly, Gravity said (via Green Car Reports) that its charging station added no strain to the grid and that the building didn’t need any utility upgrades. The 500kW unit is tiny, just 18-inches tall and 8-inches thick, about the size of two L2 stations. Most L3 stations are monoliths standing several feet tall and requiring even larger transformer boxes nearby.

The biggest problem is that no cars on sale today are able to charge this quickly. The quickest charging cars on sale today, including the Lucid Air, can only handle 350 kW. Still, looking at the large number of now archaic 50 kW Level 3 stations, being ahead of the game instead of far behind seems like a much better idea.


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