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News This Mitsubishi Lancer Evo XI Rendering Gives us Goose Bumps

This Mitsubishi Lancer Evo XI Rendering Gives us Goose Bumps

Had Mitsubishi decided to keep the Lancer EVO going, this is what the world would have wanted

  • The final Lancer EVO X was discontinued in 2016.

  • A Lancer EVO is the ultimate performance sedan.

  • The car’s legend runs deep in WRC lore, and we miss it terribly.

Mitsubishi. This is the car company that went from satisfying eco-car lovers and diehard enthusiasts to selling SUVs. Most passionate fans of the car company felt betrayed in 2015 when Mitsubishi announced the end of the EVO X with no replacement in sight. While there were rumours that an SUV would eventually dawn the name, it’s not yet happened and that’s possibly for the best. Had the EVO XI been a thing, this is what it could have looked like.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Nay, this is what it would have to have looked like. The rendering dates back a few months but we’re feeling nostalgic and a little bummed as fall is here and winter’s right around the next bend. Speaking of bends, carving corners at high rates of speed is what the EVO X excelled at. The ultra-sophisticated S-AWC with torque vectoring, turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, and serious chassis made it a formidable track machine.

What we love about rainprisk’s design is how familiar the artist’s vision of the EVO XI is to the beloved EVO X and all the EVOs that came before it. The front fascia is impeccable with just enough current Mitsubishi design cues but with a personality all its own. The hood’s bulge and vents perfectly match the oversized flared front fenders. The character line is powerful without being overbearing and the spoiler is every bit right.

The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO: Born Into Greatness And Legend

The sport compact segment hasn’t been this hot in a long time what with a new Golf R, Type R, WRX, STI, and various N models, and potentially others to come such as the GR Corolla (maybe?). This club is missing a Lancer EVO. And no, there’s no need for another Focus RS.

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  1. So, although this is an amazing thing for us Evo/Ralliart fans. I must say, when I first seen this rendering. I couldn’t help but notice it reminded me of something. Something that already exist… The 2020 Honda civic Type-R. Sorry but once many realize this. The interest is going to depreciate. We want future, power, Aero, horsepower and the bloodline of it’s ancestors. The Evo VIII, would be appropriate for a modern update. The car industry needs to stop copying each other, remaking a slightly updated version of yesterday and come up with something new. In example, Chevy did with the Corvette what we never expected. Maybe we should learn from that.


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