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NewsTop 10 best interiors in 2023 by Wards Auto

Top 10 best interiors in 2023 by Wards Auto

  • 6 out of 10 are battery electric vehicles.

  • Another winning vehicle is an hybrid.

  • Only one car is included in this year’s list.


Wards Auto has just revealed its list of the 10 best interiors and user experience (UX). And as the American publication points out, the electric car’s footprint is growing on this list.

In fact, no less than six pure battery electric vehicles (BEV) make the 2023 top 10, while one hybrid swells the list of electrified vehicles to seven.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

It’s worth mentioning several of the 2023 winning vehicles fall into the luxury category. The BMW i7, Cadillac Lyriq, Ford F-150 Lightning (even if it’s a Ford), Genesis GV60, GMC Hummer and Land Rover Range Rover are all vehicles that command a pretty penny.

Fortunately, models like the Hyundai Palisage, Jeep Wagoneer L, Kia Sportage Hybrid and Nissan Ariya round out the 2023 list. It’s true that some variants of these mainstream vehicles have luxury vehicle prices, but let’s just say they belong to popular brands.

One of the things the organization points out is that automakers have more than one trick up their (respective) sleeves, such as those doors that open and close on demand or those very large screens for interior entertainment. Ambient lighting, crisp graphics and uniquely designed shifters are also elements that can be found inside this year’s winning vehicles.

2023 Cadillac Lyriq

What’s more, WA says that high-quality materials grace the interiors of these 2023 winners. The list of winners also reflects current market trends, including consumer appetite for utility vehicles. Indeed, only the BMW i7 belongs in the car category. Of the 21 finalists, only four were cars, while of the 35 vehicles evaluated this year, only seven were cars, indicating that the utility trend is far from fading.

“For automotive interior and user experience technology enthusiasts, there may not have been a better time to be alive […] The creative design cues we are witnessing are bold and refreshing, and the trim materials are unique and attention-grabbing. In addition, the user experience has been enhanced by the increasing digitization of the cabin, with dramatic animations greeting drivers on the screens and ambient lighting taking center stage like never before,” said Christie Schweinsberg, editor-in-chief of Wards.

“Infotainment systems are also better than ever, with menus that are less cluttered and easier to navigate. The performance of voice recognition and the ease of connecting a phone to use Apple CarPlay wirelessly were also impressive in many of our 2023 winners,” she added.


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