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News Top 10 Most Affordable 2020 Electric Vehicles in Canada

Top 10 Most Affordable 2020 Electric Vehicles in Canada

  • A lot of progress has been made in the electric vehicles segment over the years;

  • Consumers are getting more and more choices and pricing is going down.

Electric vehicles are quietly multiplying on the market and the offer is starting to be really interesting for the consumer. This is true in part because government rebates are inviting, but also because the models offered are increasingly varied and have more and more substantial capabilities.

The standard range, which was some 150-200 kilometres 10 years ago, is now 400.

As for rebates, in addition to the $8,000 offered by the Quebec government, there was an additional $5,000 from the Canadian government last year, bringing the potential savings to $13,000.  It should be noted that these apply once the vehicle’s tax has been calculated to the suggested retail price. Also, regarding the $5,000 federal rebate, it should also be remembered that to be eligible, the base price of the coveted model must be less than $45,000 CAD. A more upscale version of the model may also be eligible if its price is less than $55,000 CAD. Different arrangements apply for vehicles with seven or more seats, but they do not apply to the vehicles on our list.

In any case, to find out more, you can always consult government sites, both federal and provincial.

As for our top 10, here it is, starting with the least expensive electric vehicle.

1 – Volkswagen e-Golf ($37,895 CAD)

Volkswagen e-golf IZEV Program
Volkswagen e-Golf | Photo: Volkswagen

The Volkswagen e-Golf has been with us for several years and its technical specifications betray it well, as it only offers a 200-kilometre range. However, for many users, that’s more than enough. As a bonus, the buyer benefits from Volkswagen’s driving pleasure and a more attractive price.

2 – MINI Cooper S E ($39,990 CAD)

2020 MINI Cooper SE | Photo: Olivier Delorme

The electric MINI Cooper is arriving this year and knowing the driving pleasure associated with this brand’s products, it will certainly attract the curious. If the Cooper S E’s price is interesting, still considering the discounts, its range is less so at only 177 kilometres. Here, MINI is aiming at urban users, that’s for sure. As they say, if the hat fits…

3 – Hyundai Ioniq ($41,499 CAD)

Hyundai IONIQ Electric
Hyundai IONIQ Electric

Hyundai’s Ioniq is available in three different versions, including an all-electric variant. For 2020, its range has been increased from 200 to 274 kilometres. That puts it in a better position, but still behind. If that’s okay and you prefer the behaviour of a car to that of an SUV, you’ll find the Ioniq to suit your needs perfectly.

4 – Kia Soul EV ($42,595 CAD)

2020 Kia Soul EV IZEV Program
2020 Kia Soul EV | Photo: Kia

The third-generation Kia Soul was introduced in the summer of 2019 as a 2020 model, and shortly afterwards the electric variant followed. In its case, we’re talking about a second-generation, since it was offered only on the second-gen model. For 2020, the range is 383 kilometres, which is more than enough. We choose the Soul for its style, above all.

5 – Nissan LEAF SV ($44,298 CAD)

2019 Nissan LEAF PLUS IZEV Program
2019 Nissan LEAF | Photo: Nissan

With the arrival of a wide range of electric models on the market, we almost tend to forget about Nissan’s LEAF, a product that paved the way in the early 2010s. The base version comes with a 242-kilometre range, but for an extra $2,600, you can enjoy the S Plus version. The latter gets a 62-kWh battery instead of the base 40-kWh one, which gives it a range of 363 kilometres.

6 – BMW i3 ($44,950 CAD)

2019 BMW i3 EV
2019 BMW i3 EV | Photo: BMW

The i3 is not the most popular electric car in Canada, mainly because its range has long been more limited. It has been extended to 246 km in recent years with a range extender, which makes it more interesting, but for the same price, it still suffers. Its styling is unique, however, which is not to be overlooked when trying to differentiate yourself.

7 – Kia Niro EV ($44,995 CAD)

Kia Niro EV
Kia Niro EV | Photo: Kia

The electric Niro is the other solution at Kia after the Soul EV. The technology is the same, obviously, as is the range. Well, almost, because in this case, we’re talking about 385 km that can be driven on a charge. It’s a matter of taste, really, between the Soul with its slightly wilder style and the Niro that plays the conservatism card more.

8 – Chevrolet Bolt ($44,998 CAD)

Chevrolet Bolt IZEV program
Chevrolet Bolt EV | Photo: Chevrolet

Along with the Tesla Model 3, the Chevrolet Bolt is the first “affordable” car with nearly 400 kilometres to hit the market. Starting with a range of 383 kilometres and increasing to 417 kilometres for the 2020 model year, the Bolt continues to offer good value for money. Original and fun to drive, the Bolt is harder to convince buyers when it comes to space and comfort.

9 – Hyundai Kona electric ($44,999 CAD)

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric
2019 Hyundai Kona Electric | Photo: Hyundai

With a capacity of 415 kilometres, the Hyundai Kona electric is well positioned in terms of range. Because of its practical size, it is also one of the most popular vehicles in the industry, all powertrains combined. Unsurprisingly, the demand for the electrified variant is strong. It is, without a doubt, an excellent choice.

10 – Tesla Model 3 ($52,990 CAD)

2019 Tesla Model 3
2019 Tesla Model 3 | Photo: Tesla

Finally, the list of the most affordable electric models includes the famous Tesla Model 3. It’s important to specify that we’re talking about the base version, which offers a 402-kilometre range, and not the higher-capacity version, which offers 518 kilometres. In the Model 3’s case, in addition to opting for an electric vehicle, we’re going for a symbol with Tesla, not to mention the fact that the product offers an interesting performance level.

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