Top 20 Vehicles with the Longest Potential Lifespan

  • New vehicle prices continue to climb out of many consumers’ reach.

  • Used vehicle pricing remains high however shopping for something older remains an affordable option.

Reliability and durability are two huge factors when it comes to buying or even keeping an older vehicle. New vehicle prices have increased, along with interest rates, over the last year meaning that they are far less affordable than previously. For many, this means shopping for a used vehicle or holding on to their current vehicle is a more cost-effective way to get around.

It’s widely accepted that a vehicle that has travelled 200,000 miles (about 300,000 km) has reached the end of its useful life. The fact is that this is not entirely true as many modern vehicles can be driven over much greater distances.

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier RST | Photo: Olivier Delorme

ISeeCars has analyzed over 2 million cars to see which vehicles offer the greatest potential lifespan. The following list is extremely useful in helping consumers decide if they should keep their current vehicle. If you happen to own a Toyota, which accounts for 10 out of the top 20 vehicles, with 200,000 km on the clock, there’s a good chance it’ll go another 100,000 km with little effort.

Likewise, if you’re shopping for a used SUV, a GM full-size for example, an example that’s covered only 200,000 km will not only be less expensive but might be able to cover another 100,000 km with the right amount of maintenance.

Here are the top 20 vehicles with the longest potential lifespan:

Rank Vehicle Potential Lifespan in miles
1 Toyota Sequoia 296,509
2 Toyota Land Cruiser 280,236
3 Chevrolet Suburban 265,732
4 Toyota Tundra 256,022
5 GMC Yukon XL 252,360
6 Toyota Prius 250,601
7 Chevrolet Tahoe 250,338
8 Honda Ridgeline 248,669
9 Toyota Avalon 245,710
10 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 244,994
11 Ford Expedition 244,682
12 Toyota 4Runner 244,665
13 Toyota Sienna 239,607
14 GMC Yukon 238,956
15 Honda Pilot 236,807
16 Honda Odyssey 235,852
17 Toyota Tacoma 235,070
18 Nissan Titan 233,295
19 Ford F-150 232,650
20 Toyota Camry Hybrid 230,547

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