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NewsToyota and Subaru Not Ruling Out 86/BRZ Electrification

Toyota and Subaru Not Ruling Out 86/BRZ Electrification

More power could be coming for sports car twins

  • Boxer models could get electrified for more power

  • One of Toyota’s inline motors not an option

The second-generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR 86 haven’t even gone on sale yet, and despite the larger 2.4L engine and much more power and torque, the internet is already begging for more power. A new report from Japan says that more power might be coming, but it’s not going to be via a turbocharger as many are hoping.

A new 2.4L boxer four boosts power by 23 hp and torque by 28 lb-ft, as well as getting rid of the famous “torque dip” of the previous 2.0L four. Still, more power is always going to be popular in the last of the affordable sports coupes.

At a group event with Toyota and Subaru engineers, Best Car asked if one of Toyota’s straight-four engines would fit under the hood, and if so, would a turbo fit? The publication was told that this would be tough because the engine would need to be laid over on its side and that would mean the transmission would need to be modified as well.

So what about a Toyota hybrid system? Subaru already offers a plug-in hybrid in the Crosstrek, and that uses a Boxer engine.

“This is not impossible from the standpoint of collaboration with Toyota,” the teams said.

A PHEV system could add more power and torque for the sports car. It could also lower emissions, though it would likely add weight. A smaller non-PHEV model would add less weight, but would also likely offer less power.

We’ve also heard that Lexus may be preparing a version of the car, and that one would seem likely to offer a hybrid driveline of some sort to fit in with the Lexus lineup. Adding the same to the other models would likely help share the development costs.



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