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News Toyota Considers Reviving the MR2 with a GR Corolla Engine, But Possibly...

Toyota Considers Reviving the MR2 with a GR Corolla Engine, But Possibly for Japan Only

Toyota is reportedly contemplating the revival of its MR2 model, equipped with the GR Corolla’s turbo engine, but it might be exclusive to the Japanese market.


  • Toyota’s MR2 might make a comeback powered by the GR Corolla’s three-cylinder turbocharged engine.

  • The new MR2, if produced, will likely feature an internal combustion engine, not a hybrid.

  • Despite global interest, the revived MR2 could be limited to sales in Japan.


According to a report from Best Car, Toyota is reportedly exploring the possibility of resurrecting the MR2, a beloved mid-engine sports car from its lineup. There’s talk that the revamped vehicle might harness the power of the GR Corolla’s three-cylinder turbocharged engine, which currently delivers an impressive 300 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque in the GR Corolla. Such an engine would aptly serve a compact, mid-engine sports vehicle like the MR2, with a potential design focusing on powering the car’s rear wheels.

Toyota Sports EV | Photo: Toyota

The buzz around the MR2’s return has been persistent, with prior speculation even hinting at the development of a mid-engine micro sports car fueled by a 1.0-liter Suzuki engine. While there were hints of a possible hybrid version for this speculated smaller sports car, recent sources indicate that the MR2 would exclusively utilize an internal combustion engine.

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The retro sports car trend is catching on, especially among Japanese automakers, driven by a wave of nostalgia for the ’90s. Evidence of this trend can be seen in recent moves by other manufacturers, such as Acura reintroducing the Integra and Toyota’s own revival of the Supra. These models have found favor among millennials with disposable income, eager to experience or relive the era’s automotive charm.

Toyota Sports EV | Photo: Toyota

However, there’s a potential catch for global fans of the MR2. Some reports suggest that Toyota might limit the release of the revived MR2 to the Japanese market. However, restricting such an iconic model to Japan could represent a missed opportunity for Toyota, considering the potential worldwide demand for the revived MR2.

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