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NewsToyota Could Unveil the New Prius on November 16

Toyota Could Unveil the New Prius on November 16

Toyota is getting ready to launch a new hybrid model next week, most likely the next generation of the Prius.

  • The company will show a new hybrid model, which is likely to be the next-gen Prius.

  • The headlamps look similar to the ones found on the company’s bZ electric models.

  • The next Prius will be based on a platform that mixes elements from the Corolla and the bZ EVs.

Toyota posted three teaser images on its Japanese social media pages that show a new hybrid model that will be unveiled on November 16.

This upcoming vehicle is likely to be the next generation of the Prius since the current model is now due for a complete makeover, according to the automaker’s six-year product cycles.

In previous comments, Toyota said that the Prius will retain its hybrid powertrain while also going in a “new direction”.

Two of the theories about this new direction include a hydrogen hybrid powertrain or the move to a crossover body style from the current hatchback sedan model.

The teaser images only show a closeup of the right headlamp, which appears very similar to the ones found on the new bZ4X electric SUV as well as the China-only bZ3 electric sedan.

Toyota Hybrid teaser | Photo: Toyota

The “Hybrid Reborn” tagline written next to the headlamp in that same picture is another hint that this upcoming model will be a new generation of the Prius, which was the very first hybrid vehicle to enter production back in 1997.

Another image shows the left-rear quarter panel, which seems to suggest a fairly traditional sedan/liftback body style. This doesn’t mean a Prius crossover is out of the question however since Toyota could have decided to give this model a lifted suspension, as it did with the new Crown.

Previous reports had shown that the automaker intends the next Prius to be built on a unique platform that will combine elements of the current Corolla platform and from the bZ electric platform.

This combination could also be seen in the style of the vehicle, since the general silhouette, seen in the third teaser, seems similar to the Corolla’s while the headlamps are clearly inspired by the brand’s electric vehicles.

The exterior style of this new hybrid will be unveiled in about a week and more details are expected over the following months since the new Prius should be a 2024 model.

Toyota Hybrid teaser | Photo: Toyota


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