Wednesday, July 6, 2022
News Toyota Cuts Supra Top, Makes Targa Version For Virtual SEMA

Toyota Cuts Supra Top, Makes Targa Version For Virtual SEMA

Modern GR Supra goes 90s

  • Supra Sport Top the Mark IV callback we wanted

  • Twin panel, 3D printed Targa roof

Since there was no SEMA this year, Toyota has been revealing its custom cars intended for the show a little more slowly. This one’s our favourite, a Toyota Supra that calls back to the greatest generation of the car and makes for a model that we think the automaker needs to put into production. It’s called the 2021 Toyota GR Supra Sport Top.

Like the Supras of the 1990s, this one’s a Targa top. The hard middle panel that can be popped off for open-air and sunshine, though we’re not actually sure if there’s room to store it in this one. Based on the Heritage Edition Toyota Supra from last year it wears a MK IV basket-handle rear wing, along with wider wheels and massive Toyo R888R competition tires, upgraded Brembo brakes, and a modified turbo and new exhaust to help it make more than 500 hp.

The Sport Top Supra started with an air saw and an idea, with KC’s Paint Shop in Fort Worth, TX, handling the removal. They then fitted two composite panels that were 3D printed by Toyota R&D in Ann Arbor, MI, contoured to keep the factory windshield header and fit with the rest of the body. Structural reinforcements were added to the outer structure and underneath from the engine bay to the rear.

New round taillights complete the heritage transformation, while a reworked exhaust with dual outlets and a revised (and hand-built) rear diffuser complete the look.

Will Toyota bring this one to production? Probably not. Should they? Absolutely, this is the Supra we all want, adding style, wind, and the ability to help rescue Vince from the cab of a speeding truck.

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