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NewsToyota GRMN Supra Coming With M3 Power: Report

Toyota GRMN Supra Coming With M3 Power: Report

Super Supra coming says report

  • Toyota’s raiding the parts bin to create the ultimate Supra

  • Dom, your 10-second right might almost be here

A Toyota GR Supra fitted with a 532 hp engine from the BMW M3? It could be coming as soon as next year, according to new rumours from industry sources in Japan.

Toyota is believed to be working on a GRMN version of the latest Supra coupe. Japanese scoop site Spyder 7 posted about the new car earlier today, renewing speculation, fueling “what-ifs” and saying that the model could hit the market in 2023.

The new name means Gazoo Racing Master of the Nürburgring. Gazoo is the performance company that is tied to the current GR Supra as well as the GR 86 and GR Corolla AWD hot hatch. Toyota has used the GRMN badge before, on a version of the GR Yaris made even more extreme than the standard version of that car with less weight, more width, a new suspension, and new final drive gears.

Since the Supra uses a BMW platform and inline-six engine, fitting more powerful versions of that driveline should be a breeze. In this case, the GRMN Supra is expected to get the M3’s S58E30A twin-turbo I6 with 532 hp and an equally impressive torque figure. The standard GR Supra makes 340 hp from its inline-six.

Upgrades to help the car handle the extra power include a massive new hood scoop and a bumper that’s nearly all air intakes to boost cooling. Side skirts, a massive rear wing, and what looks like a carbon roof in Spyder7’s rendering would make this a serious performance car.

Will Toyota build it? We’re not sure. If they do, will they bring it here? That might be even more of a problem. But we hope they do both because this would be a Supra for the ages.



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