Friday, June 21, 2024
NewsToyota Returns to Traditional Keys

Toyota Returns to Traditional Keys

Some Toyota buyers in Japan will receive only one smart key, the second one having been replaced by a mechanical key.

Toyota has found a way around the supply crisis in Japan. Indeed, the car giant has taken the decision to deliver vehicles to its local market with only one smart key (instead of the planned two) and to complete with a traditional key. Thus, with these mechanical keys, Toyota can continue delivering its vehicles, promising to deliver the second smart key later.

This is of course a temporary measure.

This is not the first time a car brand has delivered “incomplete” vehicles to accommodate customers who need a new vehicle as soon as possible. GM did this during the pandemic, with vehicles that were delivered without heated seats, for example.

Component shortages are always a problem for the entire industry, and Toyota was not spared in 2022 with these supply problems, but also with other disruptions and even natural disasters.

Toyota had already indicated last week that its two brands (Toyota and Lexus) would not meet the production targets set at the beginning of the year, which was 9.7 million vehicles produced.

It seems that Toyota – or the whole automotive industry finally – has not come out of this difficult passage, the complicated supply of the last months that have greatly affected the global production of new vehicles, a situation directly connected to the inflation of car prices.


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