Saturday, January 22, 2022
News Toyota Thailand Reveals Super GT-Inspired Hilux Minitruck

Toyota Thailand Reveals Super GT-Inspired Hilux Minitruck

Lowered Hilux looks extra cool on tiny tires

  • The coolest Toyota Trucks are still not offered here

  • Gazoo Racing offers Hilux in high and low

Toyota is in the middle of cycling through new variants of its beloved Hilux pickup around the globe. One of those is the Revo GR Sprot version that has given the pickup a load of Gazoo Racing sports car style. The one that has us interested, though, is the one with the tiny wheels. The Toyota Hilux Revo GR Sport GR Low Floor has a long name but it brings back the spirit of the mini-truck. Even if it’s only for Thailand at the moment.

The Revo Lo-Floor (or Low Floor, they use both names) is meant to give the Hilux styling inspired by Super GT racing. That series is extremely popular in Asia, Toyota says, and Toyota has run with it. The truck gets a GT-car inspired body kit with side skirts and a special front grille. It’s also lowered by 23 mm with an enhanced suspension “for passenger car-like comfort.”

While the wheels look positively tiny on the lowered truck, they’re still mounted on 17-inch rims. That gives you an idea of just how big wheels have become these days. The 215/55 tires are probably not helping the truck’s image.

GR emblems and garnishes are all over the truck, inside and out. That includes the seat embroidery as well as on the brake calipers. Those seats are perforated suede, as well, to add comfort. Power comes from a 2.8L turbodiesel engine and there is a six-speed automatic. The truck runs 889,000 Thai Bhat which is just under $35k Canadian.

If you want the lifted GR Sport 4WD, that one gets a world-rally inspired makeover that includes that GR grille and GR accents but offers a light bar in the back, sports steps, and 18-inch wheels. Instead of being lowered, it gets monotube shocks for better rough-road behaviour. That one’s 1.299 million Bhat, or around $50k.

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