Wednesday, June 29, 2022
News Toyota Unveiled a Concept that Previews a Future Electric Pickup

Toyota Unveiled a Concept that Previews a Future Electric Pickup

Toyota showed an electric pickup concept that looks almost ready to hit the road

  • The concept seems to fit between the Tacoma and the Tundra on the size scale

  • The production version could be introduced in the next year

  • The model shown has a four-door cab and a short bed, a popular configuration among smaller trucks

Toyota revealed multiple new electric concept vehicles last night and among them was a pickup truck that could very well be introduced in a relatively short time.

Indeed, the current frenzy for electric trucks means that most automakers, especially those that already have a market presence in the pickup truck segment, are rushing to bring their own version to the public.

Toyota had already said it wanted to take place on the electric truck market and this model shows what this could look like.

The concept that was shown is a crew cab model with a short bed, a popular configuration in the segment and it appears to slot between the Tacoma and the Tundra in terms of size.

Toyota Electric pickup concept | Photo: Toyota

Very few details are known yet, but the look of the concept is close to the new Tundra, especially in the front, where the fascia is shaped like the grille of the larger pickup and the headlamps are similar in design. The general appearance is more reminiscent of the Tacoma however and rumours say that this truck could actually be the next generation of Toyota’s compact truck.

The model shown was equipped with blacked out wheels, a lifted suspension and meaty off-road tires, which suggest a TRD version will be offered, as with Toyota’s current trucks

Since the concept appears to feature all of the elements required for production, this model could be officially introduced shortly, perhaps in the next year, which would give Toyota a head start in the electric compact pickup segment, since the other upcoming models will all occupy the quarter-ton segment.

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