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Toyota USA Asking Its Dealers to Stop Taking Orders for the New GR Corolla

Toyota’s GR factory in Motomachi will build up to 8,000 new GR Corollas per year starting in 2024

  • Demand is excessively strong for the new hot hatch.

  • Toyota has said they will supply the demand “minus one” car.

  • For 2023, only 6,500 will be built.

It’s as though car and driving enthusiasts were waiting for an automaker to launch another 300+ horsepower AWD hot hatch. And since Subaru won’t, leaving only the Volkswagen Golf R which somehow isn’t “special” enough, hand-raisers for the Toyota GR Corolla are already outstripping demand in most areas.

Five things worth knowing about the 2023 Toyota GR Corolla

The current situation isn’t that the GR Corolla is sold out. Specifically, some Toyota dealerships in some areas are already overbooked with orders for the car. Elsewhere in the country, there are still plenty of spots available.

“We have places right now, and parts of the country where there are so many orders being taken, we have to stop,” said Jack Hollis, senior vice president of automotive operations at Toyota Motor North America, in an interview with Road & Track.

Toyota Says It Can Make Plenty of GR Corollas, But Will Limit Supply

Essentially, if you want a new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla in the US, call around as only 6,500 will be assembled. For 2024 and the following years, up to 8,000 will be built.

UPDATE: We’ve reached out to Toyota Canada for information and they’ve not shared any specific numbers however they intend to respond to demand as best as they can. Canadian Toyota dealers, which are independent, can take as many reservations as they please. Toyota wisely added (translated from French): “As you know, for this kind of vehicle, there is always a very strong craze at the beginning, which sometimes drops after a few months or years. This is what happened with the GR Supra when it was launched.”


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