Thursday, June 17, 2021
News Toyota's All-New 2022 Land Cruiser Has Arrived

Toyota’s All-New 2022 Land Cruiser Has Arrived

Latest Land Cruiser barges onto scene

  • Land Cruiser an off-road icon in most of world

  • First all-new model since 2007

Toyota has just pulled the wrap off of the all-new Land Cruiser. It’s the first all-new model to get that name in more than a decade and while it doesn’t look like it will be sold here, you’ll find new Land Cruisers being sold in nearly every other country on the globe.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a big deal, both in size and importance It was launched in 1951 and has since sold more than 10 million units in 170 countries. It’s the flagship of Toyota reliability and security and it’s important to brand image.

For the all-new Land Cruiser, Toyota worked to cut 200 kg from the vehicle’s weight by redesigning the frame and the body. This has improved suspension structure and lowered the center of gravity, but if you’re worried about sacrifices to durability and serviceability, Toyota thought of that too. They had in-house drivers with Dakar Rally experience and master-level tech skills as part of the team working on it.

More wheel articulation, an electronic kinematic-dynamic suspension, and mutli-terrain monitor to display obstacles all help boost capability and comfort.

Two new engines, a 3.5L gas V6 and a 3.3L diesel, both wear twin-turbos and Toyota says offer improved driveability over the old V8. The gas engine makes 410 hp while the diesel 306, while both make healthy amounts of torque.

The chunky bodywork is designed to protect the lights when off-road, while inside Toyota used switches meant to be operated intuitively even when driving in rough conditions. Despite all the changes, the exterior size and important off-roading specs are unchanged.

New for the Land Cruiser 300 series is a GR Sport model. That’s Toyota’s racing arm, and while the sub-brand normally leans toward on-road driving, this one is shown off in the sand, leaving us wondering what the plan is.

All of the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser variants are expected to hit dealers around the end of the year, with more about the line (including the GR) then.

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