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NewsToyota's Land Cruiser FJ Teased by a Trademark Application

Toyota’s Land Cruiser FJ Teased by a Trademark Application

A Nod to the Past and a Leap into the Future? is Toyota Bringing back the FJ Cruiser?

The last-generation Toyota FJ Cruiser already stands as a modern classic, a tribute to the rugged charm and enduring spirit of Toyota’s off-road heritage. Launched in 2006, it was a vehicle that captured the imagination of adventurers with its retro styling cues reminiscent of the original FJ40 Land Cruisers of the 1960s. Despite ceasing sales in North America in 2014, its cult-like following and the demand for used models endure which leads us all believe it’s coming back.

Earlier this year, Toyota played a little game of shadows, teasing an outline that struck a chord with the FJ Cruiser’s distinctive silhouette. Now, with the trademark filing for the “Land Cruiser FJ” in Japan, anticipation builds. Could this be the dawn of a new compact off-roader in the Land Cruiser family?

Based on Carscoops’ story, we can imagine a vehicle that marries the robust DNA of the Land Cruiser 250 and 300 series with a more nimble, compact footprint. This would make it a vehicle that’s not just another crossover, but a true off-roader, unlike the Ford Bronco Sport, with the heart of the FJ Cruiser and the soul of Toyota’s adventurous spirit.

The details are still shrouded in mystery, much like the teaser photo that sparked the speculation. Yet, whispers from Japan hint at a size akin to the Toyota Corolla Cross, but with the off-road chops that would make it a worthy bearer of the FJ moniker. Will it be a body-on-frame warrior or a unibody challenger? That remains to be seen, and the debate is as heated as a campfire on a cold desert night.

Under the hood, the possibilities are as varied as the trails this new breed could conquer. From the Corolla Cross to the RAV4, even borrowing hybrid vigor from the Prius, Toyota has a smorgasbord of powertrains to choose from. And let’s not rule out an electric heartbeat, aligning with Toyota’s vision for a greener trail ahead.

No matter what the next FJ Cruiser turns out to be, it will undoubtedly be desirable though it like won’t completely replace the old one. That spot may be reserved for the next-generation 4Runner…


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