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NewsTrademark Documents Show Possible Names for Cadillac Celestiq Trim Levels

Trademark Documents Show Possible Names for Cadillac Celestiq Trim Levels

Aurora, Magnetic, Mist, and Vale could all be trim-level names for the Cadillac Celestiq.

  • The trademarks have recently been filed by General Motors

  • The names are Aurora, Vale, Mist, and Magnetic

  • The Aurora nameplate was used by GM between 1995 and 2003 on the largest Oldsmobile sedan

Cadillac is still working on the production version of the Celestiq flagship electric sedan which was recently previewed by the unveiling of its prototype.

According to leaked trademark documents uncovered by users of the SilveradoEV forum, this expensive sedan could have four trim levels that will each have a name that represents natural phenomena or a geographic element.

The names for which General Motors applied include Celestiq Aurora, Celestiq Mist, Celestiq Vale, and Celestiq Magnetic.

The filings themselves don’t mention the way the automaker intends to use these names, but different trim levels of the current Celestiq seem more likely than four totally new vehicles considering that Cadillac already owns the rights to a few more names that follow its new “-iq” scheme.

No details are available on those potential trim levels and few are known about the Celestiq itself since the actual production version hasn’t been unveiled yet, but this suggests that the entry-level Celestiq might not be as expensive as previously thought.

Since Cadillac has never hinted at different trims of the Celestiq before, the rumoured $300,000 price tag was assumed to be the base price of this flagship sedan that wants to compete with Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

The addition of four models to the Celestiq lineup could mean that $300,000 will instead be the upper limit of the EVs price range, with more affordable versions helping fill the gap between the brand’s current models and the upcoming range-topper in terms of price.

This doesn’t mean that the entry-level Celestiq will be cheap however since this model will be hand built by a small team in a dedicated factory, all of which are signs of an ultra-luxury vehicle.

This information will either be confirmed or denied in the next few months when Cadillac launches the actual production Celestiq model ahead of the 2024 model year.

Interestingly, the Aurora name is familiar to General Motors since the Oldsmobile division used it on its own flagship sedan between 1995 and 2003.

Source: SilveradoEV Forum


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