Truckla: Youtuber presents her Tesla pickup truck


A Youtuber tired of waiting for the Tesla pickup truck made her own, the Truckla.

Popular Youtuber Simone Giertz posted a video today of her new Tesla pickup truck. The thing is that it’s not an official Tesla truck but her own creation.

The Youtube video caption reads: “I got tired of waiting for Tesla to release their pickup truck, so I made my own. And I named it Truckla.”

Based on a new Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, Giertz tell was the cheapest option versus buying a used one. But why make it with a Model 3 compared to a Model S? Because the Model 3 as a steel chassis while the Model S and Model X have an aluminum chassis. It’s therefore easier to work on the Model 3.

With the help of friends, she turned her brand-new Tesla Model 3 into what she now calls Truckla.

The truck bed is made from an older Ford F-150 while the rear window came from a GMC Canyon.

The complete vehicle appeared in a fake ad she created with a crew and can be seen above.

You can also watch the full build process and steps from the car delivery to behind the scenes shots when they filmed the fake ad.


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