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NewsTuner Manhart Transforms BMW X7 Into Off-Roader

Tuner Manhart Transforms BMW X7 Into Off-Roader

Although no one will ever take their BMW X7 off-road, it’s cool to think you could thanks to Manhart

  • Manhart will even give your X7 a faux armored truck look.

  • The tuner will increase engine output and raise the ride height.

  • Nearly all aspects can be individually configured.

Most SUV owners will never dare take their prized and expensive SUV off the beaten path, even those who call a brand Land Rover Defender their own. BMW X7s are even less likely to get dirty but it’s possible that an owner would like their SUV to look the part. If so, then look no further than Manhart.

The most important modifications to do on any SUV to gain the off-road look are a convincing tire and wheel combination and increased ride height. Both can be achieved via Manhart tuning with the standard air suspension which is raised a further 40mm. This leaves plenty of room for huge 20-inch Black Rhino rims wrapped in Maxxis Bighorn MT-764 Tires sized 305/50 R20. The wheels’ faux beadlock design absolutely sells the look.

Manhart MHX7 650 DIRT EDITION | Photo: Manhart

Should the BMW X7 M50i’s 523 horsepower be insufficient, Manhart will tune the MHX7 650 DIRT EDITION to 641 horsepower with the aid of the MHtronik Powerbox and an ECU remapping. There are numerous other options including a full-body wrap that mimic 3D rivets and a black brushed finish.

Considering the purchase price of a new BMW X7 M50i and the potential cost of modifications, we doubt any Manhart X7 will ever see anything rougher than a gravel road.

Manhart MHX7 650 DIRT EDITION | Photo: Manhart


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