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NewsTwo Kia Sorento PHEVs Will Take Part in the Rebelle Rally

Two Kia Sorento PHEVs Will Take Part in the Rebelle Rally

Kia wants to prove the durability of its new Sorento PHEV

  • Kia will enter a pair of the plug-in Sorento in the all-female American rally

  • The SUVs will compete in the X-Cross class under the Electrified designation

  • The Rally will take place between October 7 and 16, in Nevada and California

The Rebelle Rally is the first all-female navigation rally raid held in the United States. Competitors must find their way through the desert using maps and compasses for eight days in order to collect checkpoints and reach the destination.

The participants have to endure the difficult driving conditions of the desert’s trails and sand dunes for over 2,500 kilometers (1,553 miles), so it is a good test of durability for the vehicles.

This is the reason behind Kia’s decision to sponsor two teams and to give them each a brand-new Sorento PHEV to use in the event.

Indeed, the company aims to prove both that it can build robust vehicles and that electrified off-roaders are a viable solution.

According to Kia, the vehicles will only receive minimal modifications, so we can expect them to be powered by the same 1.6L four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor and a 14 kWh battery that will be used in the models available in dealerships across the continent.

The first Sorento will be driven by a team formed of Alyssa Roenigk and Sabrina Howells, who crossed the finish line in second place in last year’s edition of the rally, driving Kia’s largest SUV, the Telluride.

The other vehicle will be driven by Verena Mei and Tana White, who previously drove a Ram pickup on the Rally course.

It is important to mention Kia entered its vehicles in the X-Cross category, which is designed for vehicles with either two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive without a low range.

The 4×4 category is much more demanding and it requires vehicles that have more advanced 4-wheel drive systems with a two-speed transfer case.

The Sorento PHEV won’t be the first electrified vehicle to take part since the Rivian R1T participated in the last edition and Volkswagen entered its new ID.4 this year.


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